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Hi there.
I have a prayer request for all of you.
Tomorrow, I hope that you can lift up Juan Rueda in your prayers.

Let me tell you a story about Juan and I.

in January, 2004, I met Juan in Monterrey, Mexico while translating for an Immersion trip with pastors from my area (Muskegon, Michigan). We met at his church's service and had a great conversation afterwards. Upon returning to Michigan, I emailed his Pastor (Enrique "Kike") asking for Juan's email address. Juan and I chatted over MSN Messenger and email for almost a year. I then became too broke to afford internet access in my home and emails became once every two or three months. He moved and now only has internet access at his work. Anyway, in the first year, we were quite close and I considered him one of my best friends. Then, we began calling each other "novios" (meaning boy/girl-friend in Spanish). It was such a strong relationship and every email brings me closer to him and closer to God, as well.
In August, 2004 I was supposed to fly to Monterrey to visit him with a friend. Because someone stole my identity, we were financially unable to go at the last minute. In December 2005, he was supposed to come to Detroit on a business trip, but couldn't end up getting a VISA afterall.
It's been two years and we're still trying. We're still communicating as much as possible and I still consider him to be my spiritual mentor and best friend.
Will you please pray that everything will go well tomorrow and he will obtain a VISA afterall? I just want to give him a hug.
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